Shop New & Refurbished Defibrillators

New & Refurbished Defibrillators

Coast Biomedical offers a wide variety of new and recertified defibrillators and defibrillator accessories from top brands like Zoll, Philips, and LifePakDefibrillators are an essential piece of equipment for any emergency service provider whether you are a basic first responder or an ALS paramedic. A defibrillator can be the difference between a death or a save when seconds matter and the heart is no longer beating in its regular rhythm. While Coast is a distributor of new models of defibrillators, we also offer refurbished defibrillator models at a fraction of the cost of new. We understand the needs and budgets of our customers who range from one ambulance services to large private and municipality services. Our goal is to solve a problem and make our customer’s jobs easier when it comes to their defibrillator needs.

Looking for Defibrillator Service?

Coast Biomedical offers defibrillator preventive maintenance & defibrillator repair service. Learn more >

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