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Coast Biomedical offers a wide variety of new and reconditioned transport ventilators from top brands like Allied Healthcare, Impact, and Care Fusion

In the emergency medical industry securing a functioning airway is the initial primary focus for any EMS provider. It is very common for patients to have respiratory issues and with a multitude of scenarios the use of a transport can become a necessity. Most transports within the city range between 10-15 minutes and will usually not need the use of a transport ventilator, but as transport times increase so does the need for a ventilator. Some transport ventilators are more basic and have basic functions, while others are more advanced and meant for patients who are in more critical conditions. Care providers use ventilators when the patient is not able to breathe on their own or needs some assistance in breathing. The customers are usually being transported from a rural setting or from one hospital to another in a somewhat controlled environment where there is ample time to set up the ventilator to the settings requested by the overseeing doctor or nurse.

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