Allied EPV 200 – New



-Assist-Control operation accommodates conscious or semi-conscious patients via invasive or non-invasive ventilation

-Simple control interface enables treatment by a broad range of caregivers during a medical surge or a routine transport

-Lightweight durable construction is ideal for use in transport ventilation or stockpiling

-Low maintenance and accessory costs ensure a low cost of ownership

-Includes independent inspiratory time, tidal volume, and BPM controls

-Features a built-in digital manometer

-Will run up to 48 hours on 2 D cell batteries

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The EPV200 is very easy to use, perfect for emergency situations. This ventilator is gas powered and electronically controlled.  This new emergency preparedness ventilator is designed so that the unit can be run by non-trained personnel if needed.  Runs on pneumatics and 2 “D” size batteries.

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