Refurbished Medical Equipment vs. New Medical Equipment

Med equipment

Medical equipment generally falls into two basic categories. It can be new or refurbished, the latter meaning previously used and restored to original condition as much as possible. You may be hesitant to opt for equipment that’s refurbished out of concerns about safety and performance, but are such concerns well-founded? Read on to learn what you need to know when it comes to choosing between new and refurbished medical equipment when making your purchase decisions.

Savings Can Be Significant

The clear advantage of going with refurbished over brand-new is the potential to save. With something like medical equipment, you could end up cutting costs by thousands of dollars by going with refurbished over new. This benefit is especially appealing for hospitals and other medical facilities looking to offer their patients the best possible care with modern equipment without having to absorb major expenses.

Safety Is a Priority for Reputable Companies

Whether it’s stretchers or devices that will be monitoring vital signs, reliable companies often thoroughly inspect and repair any equipment that will be resold. Such equipment is typically restored based on factory specifications when possible. Some companies that resell equipment have certified technicians on staff who do the repair work, which should further eliminate any hesitations you may have about going with refurbished over new. Also, keep in mind that even a new piece of equipment isn’t always malfunction-free.

You Still Get Warranty Coverage

You’re not going to get a manufacturer’s warranty with previously owned equipment. However, reputable companies often offer a warranty on parts and labor with refurbished equipment. You may even be given loaner equipment if you have to return something for repair.

You Often Have Easy Access to Parts or Accessories

With new equipment, you sometimes have to search for parts or deal with the hassle and expense of dealing directly with different manufacturers. If you opt for a company that resells equipment and carries parts for what they have in stock, you’re more likely to have convenient access to any parts you may need. The same is true if you want to get any extra accessories to go with your equipment.

Reputable sources of refurbished medical equipment like Coast Biomedical Equipment take steps to ensure that such equipment is carefully inspected and safe for use. While all of your purchases don’t necessarily have to be refurbished products, it’s definitely an option worth considering if you want quality equipment that will meet your needs and minimize your expenses.

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