Shop Refurbished Stretchers, Cots, and Stair Chairs

Coast Biomed offers a great selection of refurbished stretchers, cots, and stair chairs from leading brands such as Styker and Ferno. Every emergency service provider required some form of EMS stretcher on board in order to transport patients from their location into the vehicle and from the vehicle to the final destination. Coast Biomedical sets itself aside from the competition by offering fully refurbished stretchers from both of these leading manufacturers. Coast Biomedical’s refurbished stretchers are gone through and any worn or broken part is replaced. Once the stretcher passes a manufacturer check list, it is prepped and painted. Once the painting is completed the stretcher is sent back to one of our technicians where the cosmetic parts including new wheels, bumpers, stickers, mattress, and other various new parts are installed.

Looking for Repair Service?

Coast Biomedical provides reliable and affordable repair service for EMS stretchers and cots. Learn More>

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