Philips M3 Patient Monitor – Refurbished


Parameters: ECG, SPO2, NIBP

Unit includes all accessories necessary for patient use.

Unit includes a 12 month parts and labor warranty.


Patient demographics, measurement data and trends, acquired and stored in the MMS, can be transferred to the M-Series (M3/M4) and Philips Intellivue (MP60/70/90) patient monitors.

  • EASI derived 12 lead ECG using 5 electrode cable set.
  • Multi lead arrhythmia .
  • Up to 3 channels of ECG with basic arrhythmia and ST analysis capability.
  • FAST-SpO2 measurement, using Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology, for accurate performance even with low perfusion.
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurements.
  • Choice of serial interface for a dedicated external strip chart recorder (as default), or IrDA interface for connecting tot a local printer.
  • Trend data, with manual and automatic event storage, together with a range of report styles help you track and document your patients progress.
  • Color display with a wide viewing angle.
  • Optional battery informs you of remaining capacity, and allows longer transport times.  It can be easily exchanged during transport with no loss of settings.


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